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“It’s our pleasure to share the official music video for “Difference Maker” with you. The video was directed by Gus Black and was shot in the gorgeous surroundings of Lancaster, CA.

“Pre-order “Rivers In the Wasteland” to receive “Difference Maker,” as well as, “Wasteland,” “State I’m In,” & “The Heart” now.”

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This is the album of my favorite album. This is from my favorite band, NEEDTOBREATHE. It was recorded in live takes, so it sounds directly how they do at a concert, which is something I think is really cool. I love every song on the album. I relate to it as a Christian, Man, and human. It covers every aspect of life for me.


"Rivers in the Wasteland"

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My Music

Welcome to the site!


I made this blog to talk about my favorite songs, bands, and music videos. I LOVE music!  My favorite band is a band called NEEDTOBREATHE. I hope you find this site to be enjoyable. I listen to a wide variety of music; but the core is always; lyrics are fun, have some depth, and sound good ( at least to me ).  I look forward to telling the reader about all the music i love!


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